Welcome to my writing page.

Recently, I began struggling to know where I wanted to take my writing.
Did I want to write purely to entertain people, or to make a lasting impact?
Did di want to explore the realms of fantasy, or go on to explore darker topics?

Finally, I decided that I’d like to explore the darker sides of human nature, including
all that we are afraid of happening to us. From crippling anxiety, to our very survival
being at stake, I’m hoping to explore some of these topics.

The People Zoo, horror,survival,robots,tragedy

My most recent story, The People Zoo, has been uploaded in its complete form via Wattpad.com  

The story follows someone who wakes up in a cage and is watching fellow humans be lobotomized by androids. It revolves around robots being the new normal, aiming to create brain-dead humans and displaying them to crowds like animals.

The main character’s experience is designed to show our natural fear of death or of imprisonment, and our strong primal urges to escape such circumstances. The character does not have a name or age so I’m hoping anyone who reads it will be able to put themselves in their shoes.

If you’d like to check it out, lease click on the link below.

Read The People Zoo, over at Wattpad.com

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whose trust in her mother falls apart in the wake of her father’s tragic death.

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