Please Note

I am only taking on a select number of review requests at the moment as I’m dealing with some mental health issues.

Please understand that I cannot accept all the requests I receive.
I’ll be accepting those books I feel most excited to review.

Thank you for your understanding. 
Dax. xoxo

Review Request Policy

I’m currently accepting review requests from both traditionally and self-published authors. If you would like to be considered for a free review, please email me at:
daxmunro (at) gmail (dot) com
Please use the symbols instead of the text in the brackets to complete my email address.

Genres I Accept for Review


I’m open to reviewing books in the following genres, in order of reading preference.

.Paranormal (Supernatural, non-romantic)
.Horror / Suspense


Please note: I do not tend to review books with heavy political bias as I hold moderate political views and don’t wish to take either side in the current, much chaotic political climate.


Details to include in your email

.Your author name
.Book’s Page count
.Book’s Genre
.Cover Image
.A Synopsis
.Relevant Links


Formats I Accept


I accept both print and electronic copies of books but hold a preference for digital copies, specifically Kindle Compatible Mobi files, or PDF files. 

However, if you have print copies available, I’d be happy to receive one.



I hold the right to refuse to review a book if it does not grab me, or if the material within is highly political in nature, as I refuse to review books with a strong political bias.

All reviews provided are free, in exchange for a free copy of the book.
These are my personal reviewing terms and other bloggers may vary in their terms.