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Star Child: Awakening

Hi guys, I hope you’re having a beautiful day. Today, I’m reviewing Star Child, by Petra Landon.
With themes of rebels vs authority, comradery and deception, this story fondly reminded me of
the Sci-Fi Western tv series, Firefly. Just to elaborate, I LOVE Firefly!


We’re introduced to a young girl named Novi on the mining planet, Idriko. Escaping on a rebel cruiser, Novi soon becomes involved with its renegade crew as it takes on various jobs for some mysterious new clients. There is talk of Synths wanting to blow up star portals (purely speculation), a strange lockbox emitting high energy, and sacred ‘benevolent ones’ mentioned, like ancient Gods.

star child, petra landon

The story develops quickly, building toward a strange conspiracy involving The Guild (a shady
corporation in control of the majority of inner planets) and another smaller corporation, Venn Corp.

Novi is pulled into the renegade crew’s business, a true ‘star child’ at heart.

Writing Style

The writing is steady to fast-paced, tense in the right places with a fair amount of description when necessary. I found the writing engaging, the characters strong and fun to read about, like friends you might meet in real life. There was fascinating, realistic dialogue between characters that made each of them come to life on the page.

Characters (Favourites)

While Novi is the main character and is brave, smart, and resourceful, her character didn’t feel as well rounded as some of the others, but that’s just my personal opinion. My favourite character was actually Ryfkin Soren, the legendary renegade captain we come to learn about during the course of the story. Ryf, as he’s affectionately known by his crew is a strong, authoritative figure that takes risks and stands up for his beliefs. This willingness to fight for his beliefs (and his bravery in doing so) is something I came to appreciate about his character.

petra landon

The following quote summed Ryf’s character up nicely:

‘This was a man passionate about his causes and his friends.
With the confidence to face down the Devil himself for what he believed in.’

One other quote that stood out to me, which I think sums up one of the key themes of the story is this:

‘Wy had instilled in her (Novi) a healthy scepticism of corporations-
they tended to put profit above the welfare of their citizens

I find this to be very relevant to a lot of big corporations in the present time. With social media and news shared more widely than ever, the corrupt ways of corporations are more obvious than ever. I loved that this book addressed the problem of how large companies only seem to think about how much money they can squeeze from people and not the actual health or wellbeing of the general population.


And that’s my review.

Would I recommend Star Child to fans of Sci-Fi and Space Westerns?
Yes, I would. I rate this book 4.5 / 5 stars.

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  • Karalee

    I normally don’t read sci-fi, but I’m always looking for books outside of the mystery/thriller genre. I’ll have to check out this book b/c the plot sounds interesting & I do like how it addresses the problem with large corporations.

    Tales of Belle

    • Dax Munro

      The corporation theme is largely what drew me to it. 🙂

      At the moment, I’m reading about a woman’s experience of being gas-lit after having worked at a specific corporation in America.
      I really feel for her: half way through and I can’t stop reading. x

      I hope you’re having a great week, Dax. x

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