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The Sky People

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I’ve been a fan of Terry Goodkind for a long time, ever since I first began the Sword of Truth series. I was excited to hear about this short piece, The Sky People as I’ve recently been diving into ancient Earth history.

A Slice of Ancient History

Our ancient ancestors depicted humanoid beings (different to ourselves) in their cave drawings, those that were said to come down from the sky, to commune with us here on Earth. This short tale by Goodkind introduces such beings into our lives once more.


Raging River, our leading lady is the fierce young priestess of the sun people tribe. If only the rest of the tribe were fierce. Sadly, her tribe believe that the ancient sky people gave them a law, forbidding them to kill, even to defend their own lives.

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The story follows Raging River’s journey up a sacred mountain. She seeks to contact the sky people for help, to have them revoke their ancient law so her tribe may protect themselves from a neighbouring tribe seeking to destroy them. I loved Raging River’s sense of spirit and determination. She is stubborn and strong of will, challenging her tribe’s behaviour at every turn.

Tom, the only sky person we are introduced to is kind and wise, providing aid to Raging River as best he can. Goodkind depicts Tom as being very similar to humankind, with a few minor differences, one being his advanced intellect and another being his advanced ‘alien’ technology. Never is Tom particularly violent. In fact, he’s one of the most empathetic characters in the story, often encouraging Raging River to use her natural strengths.

Writing Style

Although I’m used to Goodkind’s more descriptive works, The Sky People had a more simplified writing style, as if Raging River had written down her own account of events.

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Overall, I found The Sky People to be different from what I’d initially expected, but still enjoyed it all the same. The language and style were simple but evoked a great depth of empathy in me for other people and ancient customs.

My Rating? 4 stars.
I feel that the story was lacking something though I’m not sure what.

I would recommend The Sky People to readers interested in ancient tribes and the concept of alien gods.


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