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Esemtu: Volume 1 (A Graphic Novel)

Hi guys, I hope you’re well. Today has been a busy day. My dog Sam unfortunately had to go to the vet. Luckily, it wasn’t anything too serious and now I have a very sleep pup lying next to me.

Today, I’m reviewing my first graphic novel, ESEMTU. Set in Vienna, Austria, this beautifully illustrated graphic novel follows three university students (Ethan, Isabella, and Dave) as an ancient Sumerian mystery unravels around them.

After an Iraq refugee confides in Dave about an ancient artefact he brought out of the country, said refugee (Ahmed) is found dead on campus. An investigation soon ensues between the three uni students. Could someone have killed to gain possession of the ancient artefact and if so, who?


Throughout the story, we’re introduced to three uni students. Ethan, an archaeology major is bright and intuitive, easily able to detect when someone is lying or being underhanded. he is kind and caring, the ideal friend.

Esemtu, Raphaela Springer, Karin Springer

Dave, potential future priest is methodical and empathetic, demonstrating great compassion toward others.

Isabella, a student of ancient history is insightful and possesses a great sense of humour that helped to lighten the tense moments of the story. However, her family also has many secrets that only come to light toward the end of the novel.

The script

The script (by Karin Springer) unfolded slowly, drawing me into each detail of the story. The ancient Sumerian mythology was well researched ad touched on some things I already knew and many things I did not. I thoroughly enjoyed the more tense scenes and was left guessing as to who the real murderer was, though I did have my suspicions.


I found myself in awe of the beautiful graphics created by Raphaela Springer, the script-writer’s daughter. There is clearly talent to be found here and I wish both her and her mum much success and happiness.

Overall thoughts

With themes of deceit, murder, friendship, and ancient mythology, I found this graphic novel fascinating. It was the first ever graphic novel I’m read (or is it the second? I have read The Darkness) and I loved every moment.

Would I recommend this?  If you love graphic novels, absolutely.
My rating? 5 stars.

Can’t wait for volume two.

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